Lighted Street Sign

Lighted Street Signs

We Bring Your Ideas To Light

We have brightened way-finding signs throughout the country. We have helped residents and visitors find their way to the Staples Center in bustling downtown Los Angeles and to the Mall District in quaint Burbank. We’ve helped travelers get to their planes quicker in airports they didn’t know, and we’ve assisted shoppers to find just the store they were looking for. We have even attracted people to great payoffs at casinos nationwide.

Fluoresco designs and fabricates to your city’s streets specifications, including custom colors, sizes and graphics. We manufacture the largest illuminated street-name signs in the industry, providing visibility, legibility and safety.

Fremont Street Sign

Define The Look & Experience

As a long standing member of the Society of Environmental Graphics Designers, Fluoresco is committed to high-quality products that define the look and experience of an environment while helping people get to where they are going.

With hundreds of employees functioning as a team – from budgeting, through design, engineering, manufacturing and installation – we would be committed and proud to take on your project and its related challenges. The Fluoresco promise: Maintain your design intent with uncompromising quality and care, beginning to end.