Fluoresco Headquarters

About Us

Unparalleled Capabilities

Since 1961, Fluoresco has provided its clients with industry-leading design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services, unmatched customer service, competitive prices and on-time delivery within budget.

Fluoresco was one of the first companies to offer Southern Arizona indoor and outdoor lighting and sign maintenance on a contractual basis.

Fluoresco differentiates itself from the competition through:

  • Design and Engineering excellence unmatched in the industry
  • Consistent financial stability
  • State of the art manufacturing
  • Multi-plant manufacturing capabilities
  • High volume production capacity
  • Experienced account management
  • Nationwide installation and service
  • Leader in neon sign production
  • High quality All American Scoreboards®
  • LED lighting innovation

With an on-going dedication to quality, innovation, value and customer satisfaction, Fluoresco offers unparalleled capabilities to meet the unique identification and lighting requirements of our customers.