Scripps Memorial Hospital Sign


Patient Comfort Through Innovation

Fluoresco provides solutions in patient comfort through innovative LED lighting techniques and expert thermoforming capabilities. In addition to illuminating pleasing graphics in patient diagnostic test areas, Fluoresco also creates cutting edge accent and general illumination solutions for medical facilities. From the lighting on the wall to the shrouds that cover it all, Fluoresco is an expert in medical facilities solutions.

MedLux® System

Outdoor & Indoor Area LED Lighting

LED technology and innovative lighting techniques make Everbrite Lighting the first choice in not only decorative and accent lighting, but also general illumination of indoor and outdoor spaces. Everbrite's Medlux® brand of MRI safe graphic panel illuminators and recessed can downlights allow for patient comforting effects in areas previously decorated and lit by generic means. And it doesn't stop inside - Everbrite's outdoor area lighting solutions bring energy efficient and long life illumination to your facility's grounds, parking structures and lots.

Outdoor Signs & Channel Letters

Outdoor Signs & Channel Letters

From pylon signs to channel letters, we design ways to better direct people from further distances and in all kinds of weather by creating a sense of welcoming.