State Farm National Program

National Accounts

One Point of Contact

When national retailers encounter lighting, sign or electrical problems, Fluoresco’s National Service Team is there to assist. Sign outages, damaged sign faces, spent lamps, even dirty fixtures, tarnish your image as well as impact the safety and productivity of your clients, employees and customers.

One phone call or e-mail to a single point of contact, Fluoresco’s Service Coordinator, will produce results. We will assess your repair requirements and a qualified service technician will be dispatched anywhere within the continental U.S. Often, our coordinator will also recommend maintenance solutions to minimize future problems and avoid costly repairs.


Fluoresco’s Sales Consultants

Eliminate The Hassle

Your busy facility maintenance managers handle multiple responsibilities. Eliminate the hassle of monitoring and negotiating service rates with different contractors in each service area. They can consolidate their time and staff’s duties while averaging and controlling the costs to service their locations by hiring a well-known national resource.

Fluoresco’s Sales Consultants will pre-negotiate service rates, program goals, and schedule weekly status reports. We have the expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to complete the repair process — immediately.