Drivethru Elements

Drive-Thru Elements

The Best In Design & Technology

For all of your hospitality needs, Fluoresco has got you covered, from Illuminated Menu Systems to Order Point Canopies. Directional signs warmly greet your customers upon entering the premises. Offering the best in design and technology, our systems move traffic, increase sales, and produce an overall better experience.

Arby's Indoor Menuboards

Indoor Menuboards

Fluoresco gives you menus that are cost efficient and beautifully displayed, but also provide ways to up-sell your customers and move product. The science behind well-planned Menuboards leads to higher average order size and faster decision-making by the customer.

Taco Bell / Pizza Hut Outdoor Menuboards

Outdoor Menuboards

Outdoor Menuboards present a great opportunity to inform customers of everyday offerings and share your latest promotions. Our state of the art displays present your menu items in the best possible light, in order to create an experience that is quick, easy and enjoyable.

Subway Drive-Thru/Pre-Sell Menuboards

Drive-Thru / Pre-Sell Menuboards

Get them thinking ahead of time. Pre-Sell menuboards present opportunities to promote new items and special offers in addition to your menus. At Fluoresco, we make it our goal to help you develop ways to increase sales at every stop.

McDonald's Order Confirmation Systems

Order Confirmation Systems

Order Confirmation Systems:

  • Improve order accuracy
  • Provide up-sell opportunities
  • Increase your speed of service

Fluoresco's Order Confirmation System utilizes the latest LCD technology to provide a dramatic sunlight readable display while providing full-color text and image graphics capability.

KFC Order Point Canopies

Order Point Canopies

Canopies provide an extra touch of comfort that make your guests want to return, making their experience more pleasurable.

McDonald's Pay Window Canopies

Pay Window Canopies

Every bit as important as the Order Point Canopy, it makes exchanges at the window easy and comfortable in addition to building more awareness for your brand.

McDonald's Entrance Tower/Vehicle Height Detectors

Entrance Tower/Vehicle Height Detectors

It's a safety feature and a courtesy. The Vehicle Height Detector informs your customers ahead of time of height restrictions and provides another opportunity to promote your brand.