Scoreboard Install


Affordable & Customizable

Our All American Scoreboards provides the best scoreboard for any facility. Superior quality and unmatched durability make our scoreboards unbeatable. LED technology offers the brightest displays, energy savings and maintenance free operation. With your team's logo proudly featured, this reliable tool will keep athletes on task and fans informed. More >>

All American Scoreboards- 8000 Series

Ease of Use

Our universal multi-sport console can be configured to control any All American LED Scoreboard and Message Center, no matter what sport is played. Adding to the robust design are well labeled keys and LCD menus so that first time users can score the game like a pro. Our revolutionary ID system quickly connects and configures the radios of the scoreboard to the console. Consoles may also be upgraded when new features are added by connecting to a computer via USB cable.

Poly-carbonate Faces & Windows


Each LED is shielded behind a shatter-proof polycarbonate face or window. This ensures that the LEDs and internal components will be protected from the elements and nearly all forms of abuse, without compromising the viewing capabilities. Want proof? Watch our 100 mph hardball video.

Extruded Aluminum Cabinets


All American Scoreboards are manufactured with precision engineered extruded aluminum cabinets. This lightweight, heavy-duty structure is designed to exceed all weather and wind load conditions.

Nationwide Installation & Service Network

Turnkey Support

A true turn-key operation, Fluoresco can handle all installation and service requests. Factory trained installers are evenly distributed throughout the country.