Lighting Services

Pushing the Boundaries of Lighting to Set Exceptional Industry Standards

Fluoresco has extensive experience in the science of light—how to control it, manage it and continually tap its potential for you. You’ll benefit from lighting service derived from our relentless pursuit of excellence:

  • For outstanding lighting installation performance, we design, build and test a host of lighting products, drawing upon many other core competencies such as metal fabrication, plastics forming and electronic circuit design.
  • We harness new technologies into niche and broad-market applications such as commercial refrigeration and healthcare.

Relamping Programs

Fluoresco offers interior and exterior relamp programs in which we clean and replace every lamp in your facility or parking lot at the same time.

In addition to our scheduled lighting maintenance programs, group relamping is offered with pre-determined intervals based on mass burn-outs. A Fluoresco lighting consultant will audit your lighting system, recommend a relamp cycle based on the average rated lamp life and provide system alternatives that offer features and benefits to meet your budget.

Besides maintaining image, replacing lamps as a group also increases staff productivity and patron satisfaction. By engaging Fluoresco professionals for scheduled group relamping, you free up your maintenance people for more urgent issues. They no longer replace one lamp at a time—a process that, repeated again and again, continually costs you money and productivity.

LED Retrofit

Lighting Redesign

Fluoresco provides lighting-system solutions. Along with lighting maintenance, we’ll revamp any lighting system, performing lighting replacement and lighting retrofit services for a wide range of needs: parking lot structures, industrial warehouses, municipal complexes, office buildings, retail environments, hospitals—and beyond!

Our most complicated lighting designs result in a new lighting system. The modern lighting technologies we offer will provide noticeable enhancements to the visual environment, while following corporate design standards to accomplish your project goals.  

Aggressively designed to reduce your electric bill, Fluoresco’s lighting retrofit programs are cost and energy efficient solutions designed around your existing lighting layout. Typical designs will offer a return on investment in energy savings within a few years. Our retrofits will often increase light levels, enhance your environmental color rendering and reduce your fixed operating costs. Our retrofit technologies are innovative, custom ordered, and low cost compared with complete new lighting designs.

We always focus on reducing your company’s upfront and long-term costs. Before we install our retrofit assemblies or new lighting systems, we closely analyze how to lower your lighting maintenance and utility expenses throughout the lifecycle of the components.