Sign Retrofit

Sign/Lighting Retrofit

Lighting Service That Saves Labor, Time and Energy

Through our lighting retrofit services, Fluoresco offers our customers a fast and convenient conversion from fluorescent or HID (high intensity discharge) lighting to LED. Our converted signs/lights result in large savings on energy, maintenance and labor. Operating costs may be reduced up to 50%, depending on the application. Lighting maintenance is minimized by the highly rated hour life and inherent benefits of LEDs today. Additional cost savings may be realized during lighting installation by using your existing sign cabinet and faces.

Signage Retrofit

Why Retrofit?

  • Increase your building's lighting efficiency
  • Reduce energy usage by as much as 67%
  • Produce a return on investment (ROI) through energy savings
  • Improve light quality
  • Reduce heat
  • Increase longevity of lamp life
  • Add business value by adhering to environmental regulations and improving work conditions
Lighting Retrofit

Lighting Retrofit and Lighting Replacement

Thoughtfully designed with the look and feel of traditional lights, LED lights provide superior area lighting solutions through better light management, excellent light distribution and glare reduction.